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SDAB has partnered with SignUp Genius to coordinate all volunteer opportunities. Please sign up via the links below. Volunteers can sign up for multiple days and slots. 

Accompany dancers from dressing rooms to the stage, and vice versa. Must track music and know variations so no cues are missed. Dancers must be backstage one variation in advance. 

Help dancers change in and out of their costumes; and manage costume organization before, during and after the show. Help with general dressing room needs.

Option of; (1) Loading props/costumes/sets onto the moving truck at the studio on December 14th; (2) Unloading at the theatre on December 15th at 8am; (3) Loading the truck at the theatre on December 19th after the show, and unloading on the 19th back at storage. 

Help dancers with quick changes throughout the performance. Must be highly organized and efficient. 

Driving the truck for the load in and unloading of sets, costumes and props. This includes from SDAB to theatre at the beginning of the production, and from the theatre back to storage. 

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