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We are so thrilled to have you at the Academy! 


After you fill out the enrollment form, this is what to expect moving forward:


  •  We will reach out and schedule a complimentary assessment class to determine child's placement. 

  • Once their assessment is complete, and placement is confirmed, we will create a schedule and frequency for attendance, as well as determine dress code. 

  • A one time, yearly enrollment fee will be billed via a separate invoice and is required to be paid after enrollment is confirmed. 

  • Auto-pay for tuition is mandatory, and needs to be set up for the FIRST OF THE FOLLOWING MONTH. For instance, if you child's first class is on the 11th of February, set up auto-pay for MARCH 1st on the auto-pay calendar.

  • The pro-rated difference of class costs will be billed outside of auto-pay in a standalone invoice.  


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