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Those training at SDAB, and/or families/friends thereof, agree to treat all staff, students and families with dignity and respect at all times.

Those who repeatedly exhibit behavior that is harassing, abusive, offensive, disruptive or unwelcome will be warned, and then removed from class. Should the behavior persist, they will be asked to leave the studio.

Suspensions and dismissals will be levied on a case by case basis.

Should a violation be so egregious, no warning is needed, and immediate dismissal from the studio is warranted and justified.

We are committed to generating kindness at SDAB. Ballet is already impossible enough, no need to make it even harder by being critical of one another, or discouraging the success of others. 


In the digital age, SDAB's stance is that any sort of bullying - whether on site, via social media, or via digital communication - won’t be tolerated. At all. No exceptions. 


Lastly, we are intolerant of unhinged parents . If you are disruptive, interfere in our ability to do our jobs, and/or create an intolerable energy, we will ask you to leave. 



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