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SDAB is committed to ensuring kids as young as two receive structured, top tier ballet training ripe with imagination play and ballet fundamentals. To cater to these young little ones, SDAB has two options for kids five and under. 

The first option is Grown Up and Me, which is a class for kids two and older. The curriculum is a 'ballet basics' creative movement forty five minute class which the child takes with the accompaniment of their parent or a trusted adult.


Parents can participate in the exercises as much or as little as they feel comfortable doing, so long as they stay in the room and supervise their child. Both Moms and Dads join the class, no one judges. Parents do not have a dress code, athleisurewear is fine, whatever the adult is most comfortable in. 

The second option is Pre-Ballet, which is a class for 3-5 year olds with some, none or little ballet exposure. The Pre-Ballet class introduces children to the mind/body connection of ballet positions, placement and alignment, as well as musicality implementation and socialization skills. Pre-Ballet students must be potty trained.

All five and under classes require a dress code for the children and have performance opportunities. 

The schedule for the classes can be found here, and the tuition details are here. First class is complimentary and requires  a call to reserve a spot

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